Say Goodbye To Itchy, Irritated Skin After Shaving, Waxing, Or Kissing Someone With A Stubbly Beard

Raise your hand if you have ever experienced the uncomfortable itchiness and bumps that come after shaving your beard, armpits or……”down there.” Another problem that can happen is the embarrassing beardful of zits that can appear for the next week after making out with a guy with a 5 o’clock shadow, or very stubbly beard.

Well, irritated skin be gone with the magical effects of PFB Vanish.

It’s a roll-on product that I have been using for the past decade and it has NEVER failed me. I was first introduced to it at a salon when I used to get waxed, but now I can just roll it on right after shaving. It works so well I don’t even need to wax anymore! As long as I remember to use it, I never have the uncomfortable itchiness after shaving when the hair grows in.  Even if you start getting itchy, you can roll on PFB Vanish and the itchiness will disappear so you can use it to prevent the itchies…. as well as cure the itchies!

You can also roll it on after making out with someone with a sexy, 5 o’clock shadow, stubbly beard. Just roll on the product before you go beddy bye and you won’t wake up with a beardful of zits for the next week! The main ingredient in this product is salicylic acid which helps to exfoliate the skin, thus preventing bumps and ingrown hairs. For more detailed info, check out

One of the great things about this product is that it lasts me quite a long time. The 4 oz bottle is about $21 on or and it lasts almost a year for me using it 2-3x a week! You might run out faster if your boyfriend has a sexy, stubbly beard, though. ;)  I swear by this product! Buy it and you may thank me forever.